TRW Credit

TRW Credit has now become Experian Credit Inc. TRW was a corporation in the United States of America that was in several businesses like aerospace, automation and credit reporting. TRW stands for Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Inc. The credit reporting agencies that are owned by TRW Credit are now referred to as Experian.

How to get a TRW Credit Report?

To get a TRW credit report for free, you can visit their website at There are no fees and credit card numbers required. You have to remember that there are credit repair agencies operating under the name of TRW Credit Group and TRW Credit Repair but they are not linked to the officially authorized TRW credit reporting agency which is `Experian’. To dispute a particular item on your TRW credit report, you have to order a copy of the report and call their toll free numbers.

How to Tackle Errors on Your TRW Credit Report?

You can write to Experian if you have errors on your credit report. The three major credit bureaus do not get the information cross verified. If a particular credit bureau contains error on the credit report, it is not necessary that the other two should also contain errors or they may reflect a set of completely different errors. When you submit a dispute to a credit bureau like TRW (Experian), it does not solve all the reports. You have to dispute each case separately to cover all bases. You have to give your full name, address and social security number to submit a dispute. You also have to attach a copy of the credit report containing the errors that you want to dispute about. You have to identify each error and give full explanation to clarify why that item is not accurate. You may include any supporting documents for your claim.

When you submit a dispute, TRW credit bureau has a period of thirty days to verify the information and then update your credit file. If your objection is justified, that particular information has to be removed from the credit report by them. The credit bureau has to send you a free copy of your credit report if any changes have come about as a result of the dispute. The credit bureau also has to inform all corrections to all parties concerned who have received your credit report in the last couple of years.

Why do you need a TRW Credit Report?

TRW is one of the major credit agencies. Credit bureaus assemble credit information from various sources and then provide the information to their clients. Credit card companies, employers, insurance companies, issuers, banking institutions and retailers will use the credit bureaus to get the information on your credit history. In many cases, such information may not be correct and that is why you have to always update your TRW credit report. Retaining incorrect information on the credit report may result in loss of job, denial of a loan or an insurance cover. To receive a free TRW credit report, you have to produce a document that can verify your residential address like a phone bill, a utility bill or a driver’s license.