Online Credit Report

When you check your online credit report, it is the most dependable system of defence that you can have against identity theft. In your transactions, you may have used your credit cards. The history of your credit transactions is documented. The creditors will check your credit report before they sanction your credit request.

Preventing Identity Theft by monitoring Online Credit Report

You can always prevent identity theft from damaging your credit score. Your personal information is kept in many places across the internet as technology is on the rise. Criminals are getting smarter and cyber crime is also growing fast. It can cost you money and time when you become the victim of identity theft. You may have to go through the trouble of cancelling credit cards and closing some of your bank accounts to begin fresh again.

Constant monitoring of your online credit report will allow you to see if all the transactions listed there are correct. You can inform the concerned companies if you come across a suspicious transaction. You can even call your bank and inform the lending agency. Your identity can be stolen. Checking online credit report gives you a clear picture of your financial identity. An access to your online credit report can help make you control your high expenses.

Online credit check is easy as an online credit report is always accessible. There are many websites that provide free access.

Free Online Credit Report

One of the free online credit report accessing place is It is one of the most sought after free credit score providers on the web because you get to access your three major credit scores from the credit bureaus. You can get them for free here. You will also get alerted if there is some unusual credit activity when you monitor here. It is given to you as part of the benefit of enrolment. Here, the three credit reports will be combined as a three-in-one report so you can check what is on all the three files. You can learn about everything related with your credit score and rectify the mistakes on the credit file at an early stage. The free trial period will allow you to get the benefits of utilizing a credit monitoring service that monitors all the three credit files.

You will not know which credit bureau your creditors will be using to assess your credit status. The annual credit report from is free for the public from the government but you do not get your credit score for free. You have to purchase your credit score individually from the three major credit bureaus for a small charge.

Online Credit Report errors can be disputed

You can always dispute the errors on your credit report. If you feel that any of your credit accounts, collections, judgments or personal identification information in any of your major credit reports is inaccurate, you can start a dispute online. You do not require a Report Confirmation Number to file that dispute.

The Equifax Toolbar is another useful feature for online credit report check which provides a protection ranking for the websites that you access. It will let you know if a specific website of an establishment that you access belongs to an acknowledged fraud list among fraudulent websites. As the maintenance of an accurate credit report is crucial to your financial good health, it is better to access your online credit report to manage your credit status.