Just Found a New Office

I have been looking around pretty good and we finally found a little place that makes sense for us. It does not look like much in fact, it is on the second floor of a building with a very busy restaurant below it. Of course we do not really need too much in the way of a customer facing operation. Up until now we have been using what they call a virtual office and we have been sort of renting office workers from a place that provides temporary corporate secretary in Singapore. That is going to have to change, but of course it is a certainty that Mr.. Johnson is not going to be that smart about it. We all know that he is going to try to hire the most attractive candidate instead of the one who is most qualified for the job. Anyone who knows him is certain that it will not end well, he seems to have the mentality of a bygone era when it comes to women in the workplace.

I have my own problems though and it is not really as though I am going to be spending a lot of time in the office at any rate. My job is to go out and find sales. So far that has been working out pretty well and at the same time I have been doing some things on my own. When I am out there I often find that people are looking for other things or that they are unhappy with the people who are selling them other things. If I can help them out and find a little profit for myself, then that is what I do. I do not think the boss would have anything to say about this, not so long as I do my job too.