I Am Freed from All the Bookkeeping Now!

It gets boring and annoying doing the books for my business. I can remember back when I did the double-entry journal method of accounting. I am not sure I ever fully grasped it, but my books balanced and survived audits. Over the years I switched to computer software for my accounting, but the time investment was still there. Hiring someone was problematic. My business was not big enough for hiring a full time bookkeeper, and it is tough to find part-time bookkeepers that can do an excellent job. I like my books perfectly squared away, so finding http://www.threesquare.ie/ seemed like quite an interesting turn of events for my bookkeeping issues.

I was able to turn over all the financial record keeping tasks to them. This freed up a tremendous amount of hours for me to actually work on client projects. I dreaded bookkeeping so much that I would sit there and feel stressed the whole time I was doing them. I would have that shaky leg thing going on and an odd feeling in the pit of my stomach. I really disliked the record keeping aspect of my business. Can you imagine if there were not taxes, and people just trusted you to pay them and you trusted them to pay you? Can you imagine how much time it would free up if we did not have to keep track of the financial aspects of business?

Well, I did get free time after I found the http://www.threesquare.ie/ website. They have kept my records perfectly, they help me with doing personal and business financial audits, and they are there if I get audited. I like being able to get up in the morning and actually go into my studio and start to work on what actually makes me the money instead of worrying about the books and where the money is at or where it is going.