How to get your credit score?

Why is it important for you to know how to get your credit score? When you apply for a job, a loan or insurance, the reputation you carry financially is important for you. The way you discharge your obligation is crucial for people to make out whether or not you are a risk to them when they give you credit or insure your vehicle. You have to know what kind of information is being used to arrive at judgments about you in order to avoid problems that can arise with poor credit. This information is found in the credit report.

How to get your credit score easily?

It is fairly easy to get your credit score. The credit report is the base for your credit worthiness. The credit score reflected on a credit report is usually final but may show some errors sometimes. You can clarify the same with any of the three major credit reporting bureaus of Equifax, Experian or TransUnion and get those errors corrected.

Your credit habits and their details will be reflected by means of information to the three major credit bureaus. These agencies compile the credit reports and make them available to you, financial service providers, insurers and employers. If your report reveals high debt levels or missed payments, some opportunities will be denied to you or you will have to pay higher interest rates to offset the risks.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act makes it specific that you have the right to one free credit report every year from each of these major credit bureaus. How to get your credit score? You can access them from This is the official site for your free credit score.

How to get your Credit Score for free?

From the time the Fair Credit Reporting Act has been passed as law, the credit reporting bureaus have been obligated to provide the means to get a free credit report to the consumers. Being able to get your credit score for free once a year from each bureau by request helps you to keep a check on your credit status.

When you visit the website, you will be asked to identify the state you currently live in. You have to then fill out the information form to access your free report. When you enter your social security number, it will be encrypted. You can choose to have only the last four digits to be displayed on your report for the purpose of security. You will be asked to give a previous address if you have been living at your current address for less than two years. When you are done with the review of one report, you can request the next report. You will be then transferred to the appropriate website of that particular credit bureau. You will have to verify your information about your credit history. Once this is done, you will be able to see your credit report. If you answer any questions wrong or if there is a fraud alert on your account, you will not be able to access your free credit report online. You can still get a copy by sending in a paper request to Atlanta, Georgia office for the annual credit report.

What Factors make it Important for you to know how to get your Credit Score?

The credit bureaus sell your credit history to money lenders, employers and insurance companies. It is always best that you keep the information on the credit history report updated. You have to protect your credit report from hackers who are looking to steal your identity. To get your credit score protected, you have to access it regularly and check for small problems that can become troublesome for you at a later stage and ensure that all the details on your credit report are correct.

You have to remember that unused requests for a free copy of your credit report do not roll over to another year. By knowing how to get your credit score and scrutinizing it, you can see what financial areas need improvement, identify fraud at an early stage and correct inaccurate negative issues.

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