How to get my Credit Score?

I have to know how to get my credit score as it will help me get a loan or apply for credit. A credit report and a credit score are like peanut butter and jam. My credit score is vital for my credit standing. It shows me how well I can manage my credit and will also give me an idea of what creditors will seek when making a decision about my qualification for credit.

How to get my Credit Score easily?

It is quite easy to get my credit score. The credit report is the basis for my credit worthiness. My credit reputation is built on the history of borrowing and repaying and a background of bankruptcy and missed or late payments. My financial reputation is important when I decide to apply for insurance, jobs and loans.

The credit score reflected on a credit report is usually final but may show few errors often. I can then clarify the same with any of the three major credit reporting bureaus of Equifax, Experian or TransUnion and try to correct those errors. From the time the Fair Credit Reporting Act has been passed, the credit reporting bureaus are bound to provide a free credit report to the consumers. It helps me to keep a track of my credit status when I am able to get my credit score for free.

Where and How to get my Credit Score from?

I need to know what information is being used to arrive at a judgment about me so that I can avoid problems that arise with poor credit and fix those problems. Good credit is crucial for financial worthiness. The information included on a credit report is important. I can get my credit score by visiting the website,

The credit report information helps me to be prepared. The three major credit bureaus keep the information about my credit habits. These bureaus compile my credit report after using the information that is reported to them. Financial service providers, insurers and employers look at my credit report and judge my credit habits. I may be denied few opportunities if my report should show high level of debt and some missed payments. I will also have to pay high rates of interest for services in such cases.

How to get my Credit Score as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that I am entitled to one free credit report every year from each of the major credit agencies. The official site for the free credit report is I have to access the report online. I have to first select the state I live in. Then, I have to fill the information form and enter my social security number. This information will be encrypted. I will be required to give previous address information if I have lived at my current address for less than a couple of years. Next, I have to select a report from a particular bureau. I can request the next report when I am done with the review of the first one. I will be required to verify the information that I have provided. I will also have to reply to questions about my credit history. I will be able to see my credit report once my information is verified. I will not be allowed access to my free online report if there is a fraud alert or if I answer any question incorrectly. However, I will still be able to get a copy of my credit report on paper request once I know how to get my credit score from a concerned bureau.