Get My Credit Report

I can get my credit report online, by mail or by phone. I can get my credit report from It is quite easy to get my credit score from that credit report. Many people want to know on how to get their credit reports. The credit report is the basis of my being creditworthy.

It will help me to avoid unpleasant surprises if I know where I stand before I apply for credit. The credit score reflected on a credit report is usually final but may show some errors. I can clarify on these errors and fix them.

Steps I have to take to get my Credit Report

Information that is pertaining to my finances is taken by the credit bureaus and maintained confidentially. If I protect my financial details along with the security provided from the credit bureaus, I will have less chances of identity theft. I have to be careful with my personal information. I can get my credit report for free every year and this is how I can go about getting it.

The first step to determine what I have to do to make sure that I will get the type of credit I want is to get credit score from a report and understand that data from my credit history that goes in making up that score. The credit reporting bureaus are mandated to provide the access to get my credit score from the time the Fair Credit Reporting Act has been passed as law. I can get my credit report for free once a year from each of the major bureaus and keep a check on my credit status.

I have to get my Credit Report to check my Credit Score

The Fair Credit Reporting Act says that I am entitled to one free credit report every year. I need a good credit score to get a good deal on any loan. The best way to learn about my credit score is to get my credit report. A small error on my credit report can affect my credit score seriously. Good credit is crucial for financial worthiness. The credit bureaus have observed the Fair Credit Reporting Act and have set up means to get credit score easily. is the only place to get my federally mandated free credit report from the major credit report agencies of TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. When I go to these respective individual sites, I have to pay for the credit reports whereas at, I can get all three credit reports at the same time. While I am entitled to a free credit report, I will have to pay for the FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) score which is the most commonly used credit score. I need the credit score if I have to shop for loans.

I have to get my Credit Report updated regularly

I have to get my credit history updated continuously on a regularly periodical basis. Information is added and deleted when my payments are reported and when my accounts are opened or closed. Most lenders identify one or more scoring models to be applied to my credit report when it is being given to them.

The credit score will affect my rate and if I know my score from each credit bureau, it will help me in taking a decision on the best rates and who will give them when I want to borrow. My credit history will affect my life in several ways. It will have an impact on the rate of interest that I will pay on credit cards and loans. It is better for me to get my credit report updated on a regular basis to ensure that there are no errors that may affect the rating of my credit.